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Nearly 20 years ago, The Simpsons predicted this would happen in the 1998 episode, "When You Dish Upon A Star". 

Mickey’s greedy gloved claws have snatched most of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets, and even for the most fanatic of geeks, this isn’t a good thing.


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Snowpiercer and 'the one white dude to rule them all'

 07/30/2014 - 17:14
Snowpiercer and 'the one white dude to rule them all'

Warning: Contains spoilers

Okay: you’re on a train. It’s the last train in the world and the world is covered in ice. An evil overlord rules the train with an iron fist and the leader of your scrappy rebellion just died, so who do you pick to be your new leader – the young Asian woman with clairvoyant abilities, her middle-aged father that knows all the codes to unlock train security systems and kicks bad guy ass, the level-headed black woman that’s trying to find her son, or the unstable white dude that ate people when times got tough? 

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Sabrina Vourvoulias