John N. McGuire

John N. McGuire
I cover the American Latino experience with a focus on leaders and entrepreneurs.

As a proponent for equality, frustrated with this country’s current political landscape, I came to AL DÍA to spotlight the achievements and challenges of Latinos in the Philadelphia area and beyond to advance what we describe as the “undocumented narrative” – the positive stories of the Latino community, which are all too frequently overlooked by mainstream media outlets. My work has appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly Weekly and Philadelphia City Paper. Before joining AL DÍA in 2017, I was a staff writer for the Florida-based Observer Media Group. I’m a Norristown native and graduate of Temple University.

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Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Nueva medida del Fiscal Distrital para proteger a inmigrantes en la ciudad

 03/29/2018 - 12:05
Immigration Counsel to the District Attorney's Office Caleb Arnold spoke with AL DÍA News earlier this month. Yesid Vargas / AL DÍA News

Caleb Arnold, nombrada recientemente asesora de inmigración de la Oficina del Fiscal del Distrito, habló con AL DÍA sobre cómo trabajan para garantizar que los inmigrantes no sufran consecuencias migratorias en caso de tener asuntos pendientes con la justicia.